Title Policies at Closing

Lenders, can you imagine, how much time and money will you save if the lender’s title insurance policy came together with the original executed closing documents via overnight delivery? No need to hire a post closer to follow up on the whereabouts of your loan policy. At Title Quest Investments, we take the time to prepare the policies at closing. Once the file has closed and funded, we immediately e-record your documents and prepare the policy within a 24 hour period. No more waiting weeks or months to obtain the lender’s title insurance policy. We will include the lender’s title insurance policy with the original closing package within 24 hours of funding.

Our Security & Technology



At Title Quest Investments, we are up to date with security and technology. Protecting the security of our customers is one of our top priorities. Cyber-crime is a growing concern in our industry. On a real estate financing purchase, a borrower’s personal identification and financial information get transferred electronically between lenders, title agency and real estate agents. This information requires to be secured from identity theft and potential hackers. We take extraordinary measures by using our own dedicated servers that are protected by firewalls and secured by the most up to date internet security system. Our servers are backed up on a daily basis onsite and offsite. We safely store your complete scanned file in our secured server. Rest assured that Title Quest Investments has an effective security procedure in place as well as a disaster management plan if we ever were to need one.


Keeping up with changes in technology is vital in our industry. Along with security, we want to make sure that our company uses the most up to date title software that is in compliance with new state regulations and HUD disclosures. Our online title software can be securely accessible remotely. We are prepared to continue to do business anywhere in case of any circumstances that may hinder our local office’s operation.

Title Quest Investments also implements new technology by electronically recording your documents immediately after closing and funding. E-recording eliminates the gap between the closing and recording date. Additionally, we prepare and issue the owner’s and lender’s title policies at closing. By keeping up with the latest technology, we make the whole closing and post-closing process as seamless as possible for all parties involved.

Taking technology onto the next level, we have designed an APP (application for mobile device) for our clients’ benefit and usage. Our app is designed to Contact Us, Inquire status updates, Place a title order, Obtain a quote or GFE and connects you directly to our homepage. By and large we are progressing with technology.


At Title Quest Investments, we take every measure to ensure that we do not get defrauded by any wrongful person. Even though we have security procedures in place, there is that one chance of getting hit. We also take extra precaution from making mistakes by exercising our “check and balance” strategy. However, if a claim were to arise not covered by title insurance due to any reason, our company is fully insured. We carry the following coverages:

  1. Million dollar Errors & Omission coverage
  2. Cyber Liability Insurance
  3. Surety & Fidelity Bonds
  4. Property Insurance

Escrow Account

We maintain a non-interest escrow account with an FDIC insured national lender.

Online Notarization

We have partnered with Notarize so that you can close in the most convenient way possible.